School meals

At Mary Mags we provide healthy and varied options for school dinners with an ever-changing menu throughout the year. All meals are cooked on the premises and are of a high quality. We encourage children to sample dishes and to eat all of the food on their plate, but their likes and dislikes are naturally considered. Any waste food is recycled where possible.

School meal prices – pay online here

1 days: £1.85                 2 days: £3.70          3 days: £5.70           4 days: £7.40      5 days: £9.29

1 week: £9.25               2 weeks: £18.50      3 weeks: £27.75      4 weeks: £37.00

5 weeks: £46.25           6 weeks: £55.50       7 weeks: £64.75


Free School MealsIf you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals, please click here to find out.


Free School Meals Application form